Campus Life

CENTRAL LIBRARY: The Store House of Knowledge

The Central Library is well equipped with latest edition Books, Commentaries, Periodicals, English & Kannada Journals, Newspapers, BCI Reviews, All India Reporters, Online Resources and Digital Database as per the BCI requirements and UGC Guidelines. The books are maintained as prescribed by the Karnataka State Law University which help the students to get well acquitted with subjects and current affairs. To sustain the requirements of NA Journalism and Business School, the updated coursebooks prescribed by the Bangalore University is also archived in the Central Library. The books have a wide range coverage of B.B.A, B. Com and BA. Journalism books of Indian as well as foreign authors to provide the students with various options. Simultaneously, textbooks, practice papers, question banks, reference books required for the streams of Science, Commerce and Arts under NA PUC, as recommended by the Department of Pre-University Board, Bangalore is also kept up-to-date. The activities are computerized to facilitate easy access. The library has total collection of about 11722 + of Books, CDS /DVDs, Bound Volumes of Journals and some Reports and the library subscribes to several Print Journals, Newspapers and General Magazines

The college library is located on the first floor of the Main Law Building and consists of a large collection of books pertaining to Law, History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Hindu law, Mohammedan law, English, Legal language, Law of contract, Legal theory, Banking Law, Constitution law, Law of crimes, International law, Law of Evidence, International law, Law of Torts, Law of consumer protection, Transfer of property act, Labour law, Criminal procedure code, Law of Taxation, Civil procedure code, Environmental law, Administrative law, Books on law in general, Land law, Intellectual property law, Human rights, Law of arbitration, Cyber law, Labour and Industrial Laws, Bare Act, Lok Adalat, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Moot Court, Professional Ethics, Land Law and General books. The collection is continuously increasing to cater the needs of teachers and students and to include new and latest titles. The reading section in the library is well furnished and well lighted and ventilated, kept open for teachers and students even after normal working hours of the institution. Various law journals in every field of law is subscribed to for the benefit of the staff and students to enable them to keep themselves well informed of the latest know how.

Experienced and well-qualified staffs manage the library and are always available for any help in using the facility.


  • Library is to serve the information needs of the faculties and students
  • To build up a sample collection of Books, Journals, E-services and Institution Repository
  • To promote optimum use of Library materials
  • Provided Internet service to users
  • To strive to advance methods of Health Information provision through modern Information technology
  • To identify the problems faced by the users while the library and its resources
  • To know the purpose and motivations of visiting the library

Working Hours

The Library is kept open all the working days except the government holidays and sundays. During the exam days it is kept opened some extra for the benefit of the students.
Timing on “Regular Days’’
Monday to Friday: 9.00 A.M to 3.00 P.M
Saturday: 9.00 A.M to 12.00 P.M


To foster interest in sporting activities among the students, the college has provided facilities for both outdoor and indoor games. Sports are in fact a way of life for the student’s health and fitness and those looking for professional star status. Physical education, a learning experience, offers a unique opportunity for problem – solving, self-expression and socialization. A well-implemented, comprehensive programme is an essential component for the growth of both mind and body.

MOOT COURT HALL - Mirroring real life court proceedings

Moot court is one of the most exciting activities for law students. The proceedings in a moot court mirror real-life court proceedings. The purpose of the activity is to help law students understand how real courts work and their proper code of conduct, the importance of dress code and the use of formal language. Mooting is a great way to develop one’s confidence, speaking, writing skills and research acumen. Participating in moot courts is not just great for budding advocates but also for future Judges and arbitrators!


NA Group has a fleet of buses for transport of students for their respective places. The transport facility is available to students, faculty and staff residing in/round the radius of 70 KM of the college campus.


A well-managed hostel facility is available for female and male students separately, within our campus. Students are accommodated either in single occupancy rooms or in twin-sharing rooms. A hygienically run kitchen provides delicious food for the hostellers. Like an extended home, hostel facilitates students in their academic pursuits and provides a conducive atmosphere for internal reflections.


Information Technology (IT) is integral to the student experience at N.A. Group and is an essential aspect of academic and personal success. Our wireless high-speed network is available throughout campus allowing students and staffs to access email and Internet